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Self Installation Materials

Deer Fencing
Different types of deer fencing material including rolls of poly mesh and metal deer fencing

Deer Fence Kits
Deer fence kits designed to exclude deer and wildlife

Garden Fence Kits
Fence kits designed to safely enclose a garden

Dog Fence Kits
Material most often used to surround a garden

Other Components and Information

Deer Fence Gates
Access gates for deer, garden and dog fence kits

Deer Fence Posts
Posts, ground sleeves and related parts

Deer Fence Support
Cabling, fence ties and connectors

Deer Fence Accessories
Ground stakes, hogringers & misc.

Deer Fence Photos

Photos of self installed deer fence systems sent in by customers. Also, photos of fence systems we've professionally installed.
Deer Grates
Structures typically used in place of an access gate across a driveway entrance

Tick Control
Why deer fence? Aside from being inexpensive and nearly invisible, a deer fence will help lower the amount of ticks in your space.
This can mean 90% fewer ticks over time!

Deer Grate, Metal Deer Grate Comparison Page 2

A few different pictures to showcase concrete & metal deer grates, click to enlarge:

metal deer grate metal deer grate 2 metal deer grate 3
A farm type wide opening deer grate. These grates are a few years old and were purchased unpainted. Grates can be painted using any type of paint you choose after the fact or are available from us painted or powder coated.

metal deer grate 4

A metal deer grate is convenient if you're closing a gap between a stone wall, etc. because of custom sizing

metal deer grate 5 metal deer grate 6 metal deer grate 7 metal deer gate 7 a

These pictures above represent an ideal metal deer grate scenario. The grates are wedged between four surfaces preventing them from moving over time. Also, the different material types used in this entrance create an interesting design look. Using metal grates will give you the capability of moving them around, effectively building them into your entrance. This can also be done with concrete grates but typically once they're placed you would build your entrance around the grates.